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dinner at :

Rockpool bar and grill

intro.: people should be familiar with this 2 hats rest. as it appeared on TV series before in hk when the chef, neil perry  taught his famous dishes.

the restaurant is located in Crown's as well. and it's so busy that they only gave 1 3/4 hour for the meal! so we could only dine from 6:30pm to 8:15.  Therefore, when we tried to order desserts after main, the waiter simply told us that 'you won't have enough time for desserts!'    je.....


oysters..must try...photos latter

live scallop ceviche

raw tastes of the sea

whole grilled lobster with herb butter...excellent!!

black lip abalone steak meuniere...so great and fresh and tasty that we liked to encore, sadly, declined..

this is hand cut linguini sauced with squid juice(dark).   as neil said on tv, this dish was originally an appetizer, but eventually got so popular that it becomes a main dish. the texture of the noodle is tenderly soft and a bit acidic squid sauce, yummy.

can't recall the taste of this seafood plate.


pumpkin and sweet potato with garlic yoghurt...for a long time i haven't taste such sweet pumpkin, which just lingered on tongue for long time

sauteed zucchini with garlic and mint

sauteed mushrooms..yummy

no dessert, the waiter said...ai ..

a dinner without dessert, a sex without orgasm!!

we left with frustration, partly also because we're only half full.

after the dinner, we went right for the airport and came back to hk!!

wine: Australian Riesling (not really matching)

total:  AU$ 650 for 7 persons

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